Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • 28monkeys
    Mar 25, 10:16 AM
    just don't affect consumers

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  • thekaiser
    May 25, 12:29 AM
    Ok here is the deal. One can claim that it is cheaper to build a PC. This is true for the most part. However, if you look at Dell or other companies they include software. If you build one you must purchase your own. I would bet, that this guy did not buy XP (I could be wrong) or Office XP or any of his software. Speaking as an ex-PC user I know I didn't. Granted, you have to buy Office for the Mac, Appleworks is pretty good for the average user. But, IMHO building your own PC is not drastically cheaper than a Mac if you do it all legally. Please correct me if I am wrong about this.

    When it comes to owning a Mac, I own one not because I hate PC's. I own a Mac because I think it is better technology with more potential that has not even been reached. As an engineer myself, I consider it important to support better technology even if it is not the cheapest solution. If everyone just says hey if it isn't broke don't fix it...we would still have to put up with a less worthy product. People must be willing to support better technology or products with the potential to be great. If not good things die and we are all the losers. Just my 2 cents.

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  • ArtOfWarfare
    Apr 1, 09:36 AM
    G4 is actually one of three channels I watch. Get back FOX and add NBC and I'll be interested. Until then, how's Hulu Plus doing? Why hasn't anyone mentioned it yet?

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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:09 PM
    Until not that long ago Fox controlled DirecTV, so that is likely why.

    They have a program you can use on your computer to watch your dvr from your computer, but it has issues.. One is it does not work on a computer with dual monitors, which is just dumb.

    It's not DirecTV that has a good app, it's Tivo, which powers directv boxes... don't give DirecTV any credit, they're stuck in the 90s

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  • shawnce
    Nov 2, 11:12 AM
    well i hope it's not from already mac owners buying intel macs. i hope the marketshare continues to increase

    Apple retail store statistics imply that around 50% of folks purchasing a Mac are new to Mac. new blood appears to be joining the platform.

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  • Matty-p
    Apr 18, 03:23 PM
    ive got a ps3 and a mac pro coming monday or tuesday so will contribute these to project ps3 +24/7 (i did a weeks folding for toms hardware a month os so ago and i got 1250 ppd just on the ps3) mac pro probly only about 5-6 hours a day but more like 15 hours in the school holidays and weekends :rolleyes:! could you suggest a client for the mac :confused:?? and i think i will start a new folding acount but just to make sure you can put more than one client/machine on one acount/username also how many ppd can the 2009 quad core enty leval mac pro achive on 24/7 ????

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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Feb 24, 10:03 PM
    Nothing faux about me either, sir.

    Oooh... looks like we have the faux small-government types coming in! If you're worried about wasting of money, keep in mind that your government spends way more money on propaganda launched at you and empire-building than it does on the federal trade commission.

    Why should they even spend money on empire-building or the FTC?

    In addition, you might read up on this and see that this is really douchebag behavior we're talking about where a publisher has a "free" game for kids and then charges $100 multiple times for "smurfberries". That's pretty slimy behavior. The intention is to get a child who doesn't understand it's not play money to have their parents download the app and put in their password, then use the 15-minute window to rob the parents. The parents are thinking this is some harmless game until they get the bill.

    The main problem I have with this statement is that it absolves parents of responsibility. If a parent is going to give a child a several hundred dollar iDevice and do not spend a small amount of time understanding how apps work, then shame on them. Ignorance is no reason for a government investigation and possible future regulation in this area. Furthermore, if this truly was an extremely large problem, the free market would sort it out. If parent are outraged from this type of behavior they would not allow their children to purchase these apps and the company would change their tactics. It's simple really. However, it goes back again to proper parenting.

    I would call this bad parenting if it didn't involve trickery. Do you really expect a child to understand the difference between play money and real money?

    Not trickery. As a parent, spend a small amount of time and do a Google search on how in-app purchases work. Be proactive.

    I know, personal responsibility begins at 2, unless you're a CEO.

    Maybe 3 :D

    EDIT: maybe the moral of the story is kids shouldn't have iDevices or be allowed to use their parents'.

    Winner! Winner! Winner!

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  • spillproof
    Apr 16, 02:32 PM
    So, famous people can do what they want. Nice, Apple.

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  • shawnce
    Nov 21, 04:36 PM
    Hate to say it but the website sure makes the company and product to be a bunch of BS... they make a lot of claims with little to back them up.

    They may have a real and useful product but... man they could present it in a much better way.

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  • halledise
    Apr 20, 03:05 PM
    i agree on the sandy bridge sd, i too believe they will wait until ivy bridge, it simply makes no sense to screw up a perfectly spectacular machine, as well as sales and profits, just to move on from the c2d. Cool:


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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 25, 03:38 AM
    Rich bastard who deserves to be shot 300 times in the heart.. Yes, I hate rich people... I am glad many died in WWII and other wars.. at least they can't take their money which is worthless anyway to heaven.

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  • Abstract
    Jan 20, 07:04 AM
    If I click on it, it links to "".

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 15, 08:12 PM
    WTF indeed.

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  • sajjadbuet
    Mar 19, 11:25 PM
    But this discount is not directly to students. It is for institutional purchase I think. Did anyone get this discount through their school?

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  • DoFoT9
    Mar 4, 06:37 PM
    Yep... Considering Apple did nothing to provide a Snow Leopard Server connector for Windows 7 and beyond, kinda makes Apple's server offering redundant in a mixed-platform environment these days... SLS in name had potential... but... whats under the hood isn't up to the quality of the Apple logo.

    Great to see some EFFORT on polishing the server. Based on my experience using it over the last 18 months, they would have to give me the next version in order to even consider it... Guess they are :)

    I just deployed Windows Home Server 2... And very happy with it at the moment... It seem MS is more than ready for competition on this front...

    so you use your server in the home environment? i kind of think that Lion will be fairly decent in the home environment, its user friendly and most of the features that are not included from SLS arent required by the general home user population. turning on and off services without configuration is exactly what most people need :D

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  • LethalWolfe
    Sep 13, 07:18 AM
    So I am having my first surgical procedures in *looks at widget* 16 days, and the thing that scares me the most is the general anesthesia...

    I've looked at sites about it, but they don't walk through the whole procedures and what you feel like after etc...

    Is it all IV? Gas?

    What do you feel like when you come to?


    Some is IV. Some is gas. I've only had IV. Basically they inject you. You feel sleepy. You fall asleep. You wake up kinda groggy and end up sleeping it off for most of the day.

    I've only had one bad experience w/ general anesthesia, but it was an unusual situation so I don't give it much weight.

    You really have nothing to worry about.

    Unless you don't wake up. ;)


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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 15, 03:22 AM
    I'll join the iChat :)

    I didnt know you had a IRC, MacRumors! I'll add that, too!

    Thanks :)

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  • doctor-don
    Jun 14, 10:02 AM
    depends on who you are. my bill with 500 more minutes and rollover, 1500 text and unlimited data is only $7 more than yours. of course I have had my voice plan for almost 8 years

    and tmobile is simply awful

    Only your [minority] opinion. I have been a customer of T-Mo for more than a decade, and I have no complaints except coverage in remote areas (which might be alleviated only with a satellite phone). My 1,000 family minutes and 4 phones and 2 datas cost $177/month, btw.

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  • ~loserman~
    Sep 14, 07:27 PM
    Went under the knife twice in my life. Both times were last year.
    The first time when I was waking up my familytold me that I said,"I needed to call Laning, Davis, Goldberg, and Knough".( Local Law firm). I have no idea why I said that.

    Second time I woke up hearing my rather loud sister and expressed the sentiment that she should be more quiet.

    But overall both experiences were for the most part fairly uneventful and easy.

    Thomas Veil
    Apr 8, 06:09 AM
    How dumb can a party/movement be?
    Please...don't give them a challenge.

    Apr 20, 06:48 PM

    Image (


    No, we are not normal. The average person does not read message boards about electronic devices and the companies that build them. So, no, we are not normal. We are gadget geeks.

    And I like being not normal in this way. Remember, it is never the normal people who change the world ;)

    Mac OS X Ocelot
    Mar 26, 04:07 PM
    STEVE: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
    ERIC: Yes.

    Lost? Brilliant.

    Nov 14, 01:58 PM
    I'm sorry, my goal wasn't to keep people out of the topic, but to make it easier to talk about the two separate topics. Why can't you post over there?

    He's 11 posts shy of the requirement.

    Jan 7, 06:32 PM
    Push effectively doesn't work for me unless i switch alerts on...badges and sounds don't work and i really cant be bothered to start restoring/resetting/reformatting my phone because of one app. I've tried deleting and re-installing the app and thats as far as i'll go.

    So its back to hourly email updates for me.

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